Omsk breaking news for November 27

Siberian Hachi /
Are you sixteen? Here is your driving licence! /
British sold a woolly mammoth at auction /
In 2015 there would be no low alcohol energy drinks in shops

Siberian Hachi

The dog from Novosibirsk has been waiting for its owner more than a year. The man died a long time ago but his dog keeps coming to the hospital where he was treated. The story about Russian dog called Masha was printed in Daily Mail, UK. The newspaper reported that the old man came to the hospital with his dog and while he was in the hospital Masha was the only one to visit him. But after the man died his dog still keeps coming to the hospital. As it was reported by hospital workers a new family tried to shelter the dog but it refused to be with new owners. Vladimir Bespalov the head physician of the hospital said they hope Masha will find a new owner and soon will be able to trust somebody again. British compare Masha with Japanese symbol of loyalty Hachi dog and with Scottish Skye Terrier called Greyfriars Bobby which spent 14 years guarding the grave of his owner.

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Are you sixteen? Here is your driving licence! 

Oleg Smolin the deputy from State Duma is drafting a law according to which Russian teenagers will have a right to get driving licence when they are sixteen but only accompanied by driver with driving experience of three years. And in case of reckless driving the person with driving experience will be punished. Oleg Smolin said that they doing it because they want young drivers to get more experience and confidence by the age 18. He also stated that roads will be safer if this bill becomes a law.

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British sold a woolly mammoth at auction

The rare lot was sold at auction in Britain the skeleton of Siberian mammoth which is in a very good condition. The lot price is 150 thousand pounds sterling which is about 300 hundred thousand dollars. The skeleton was one of the best preserved lots of mammals from Ice Age and weighs about 6 tons. Now this mammoth belongs to private collector. The remains of skeleton were in Eastern Europe and before nobody tried to put them together however the British specialists have recently done it. The auction took place in Billingshurst, West Sussex. The mammoth skeleton is very big almost 18 feet long and 11 feet in height. The 500 hundred thousand years old mammoth has a name Monti.

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In 2015 there would be no low alcohol energy drinks in shops

The deputies accepted a project which forbids selling drinks with alcohol and caffeine in it. The bill will become a law in December despite the protests of parliamentarians whose business directly connected with selling alcohol drinks. Today about 2% of teenagers drink two cans of energy drink every day. But deputies from Omsk oblast will change that statistics by implementing the law which forbids these energy drinks.

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