Omsk breaking news for November 25

February will be the coldest month /
Week of CIS countries in Moscow /
Will Omsk authorities go to bat for Mostovik workers? /
Grammar school No. 118 will have an aerospace class

February will be the coldest month

Sergey Ivanov the head of Ob-Irtyshkiy weather control and environmental monitoring service presented the weather forecast for this winter. According to his information this winter will be mild without any severe frost. So the average monthly temperature for December will be 59°F with short cold snap up to 104 °F. January will be the coldest month of winter with temperature about 66.2 °F. Average temperature in February will be about 60.8 °F. On New Year’s night the temperature will be about 86 °F so Omsk citizens need to stock up with more warm clothes. To point out the lowest temperature on New Year’s night was recorded in 1979 and it was 105.8 °F and the highest temperature was in 1899 about 0 °F.

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Week of CIS countries in Moscow

This week in Moscow will be dedicated to Commonwealth of Independent States and it lasts until November 28. CEO of Interstate Corporation of Development Ivan Polyakov gave an opening speech in front of all the participants. He said that now more and more young people choose the career of diplomat and they see the future of Russia together with other countries like Armenia, Belorussia, the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan which are in CIS. Ivan also stated that between Russian and CIS countries there are friendship, mutual understanding in economics, in politics and in humanitarian sphere. All these constituents help to overcome the current affairs and be sure in successful future.

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Will Omsk authorities go to bat for Mostovik workers?

Today on November 25 near Pushkin library was mass-meeting in favor of NPO Mostovik many workers from this company took part in the event. The builders of the company asking Omsk authorities to protect them meanwhile the director of NPO Mostovik is in pre-trial detention center and he is accused of several crimes among which stealing two milliard rubles and this money was for building an oceanarium in Primorsky Kray. People who work in NPO Mostovik are afraid that they will lose their jobs and to point out there are thousands of people working in the company. And NPO Mostovik pays annually over three milliard rubles of taxes to Omsk budget. будет продлевать свою работу на МКС исключительно в коммерческих целях.

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Grammar school No. 118 will have an aerospace class

The class will be opened on September 1, 2015. The information was given by the Head of Department of Education in Omsk Ekaterina Spehova. It is expected that the opening of new aerospace class will bring to the school more prestige and increase the popularity of technical specialties.

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