Omsk breaking news for November 7

Clash of the titans /
Many Omsk citizens became movie stars /
Price surge for buckwheat /
Shall we dance?

Clash of the titans

The trainer of the hockey team Avangard was indignant at refereeing and how the rival team acted that his nerves snapped there. After the hockey match the Finnish trainer started blood and guts with Harris Vitolinsh and after that wanted to solve the conflict with physical violence. The possible fight was stopped by guards. Continental Hockey League initiated the investigation concerning this case. There is a possibility that the trainer of Avangard will get several match disqualifications. 

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Many Omsk citizens became movie stars

Over 400 Omsk citizens took part in shooting of a new film Elki 1914 which took place in Organ hall. The setting perfectly corresponded with festive mood of the movie. Big hall with Christmas tree in the middle, white columns from the 20th century, girls in beautiful dresses, young men in bright costumes, a chime of bells, Christmas tinsel, confetti and Champaign made this November evening look like New Year’s Eve.  The director of this movie Zaur Zaseev was in the hall on special construction staging. All the commands were given by him and people were having fun, dancing, drinking Champaign, making selfy or singing with the band Secret their new song On any side of the Planet which became a soundtrack to this movie. The result of this many-hour work will be film scene which lasts for 5 minutes at the end of the movie. This time tradition won’t be broken and the movie will be shown on the 25th of December and will tel the story how people celebrated New Year 100 years ago.

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Price surge for buckwheat

For the last weekends the price for buckwheat has increased twice. To avoid the previous situation of 2010 the local government asked the antimonopoly service to check the organizations which make this price surge. Retail trade system stated that the price for buckwheat is rising because of the wholesalers’ cost prices and there is the possibility of further rising. According to retailers’ information the suppliers said that the price surge connected with yield depression because of the poor weather conditions in Siberia and Ural. To point out, few regions in Russia is growing the main amount of buckwheat. 

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Shall we dance?

Omsk will be the place of dance sport championship. In this event will take part not only beginners but also professional dancers. The providers will give out 33 set of awards. 

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